We raise the profile of entrepreneurs and their businesses.

We're Unbox-it, a Marketing and PR agency passionate about working with entrepreneurs to increase

their visibility online,

to gain more trust and credibility

and ultimately more sales.

Hey entrepreneur, we understand you!  We're entrepreneurs ourselves.

We know your business is like your baby and a baby goes through many different phases: from startup to maturity.  

Check out our services, and book a call with us. Or better still, come for a cuppa! We’d love to hear your stories about your business and share

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Startup Phase

When entrepreneurs are starting their businesses they will need help with:

  • website design and development;
  • branding (logo, fonts, colours, style, 'look & feel', etc);
  • stationery design;
  • video pitch;
  • copywriting (content for their website);
  • video explainer (animation).

We can bring your brand to life and deliver all these services to you. If you would like to rebrand, we will be happy to help you too. We have a few examples below, Check them out.

Growth Phase

This phase is typically when entrepreneurs have a clear business model and want to invest in marketing to increase their sales. We can help you increase sales by creating:

  • automated email campaigns - collect emails from your website and follow up with prospects automatically to increase sales.
  • create a marketing campaign with videos or animations for social media to drive traffic to your website.
  • run events to grow your database (so you can use them in our email marketing campaigns).

Profile Raising Phase

If you want to raise your profile as an entrepreneur to increase visibility and credibility Public Relations (PR) is the service you need. PR can help by:

  • increasing your credibility. If Forbes writes a story and you are mentioned in it, you gain credibility from readers;
  • "As Features in/on" - you can add onto your website or stationedy you have been featured in the media;
  • It increases trust from potential buyers. By seeing you've been featured in newspapers and magazines means you are an expert and this leads to trust and increased sales;
  • SEO: mentions in credible websites will help increase traffic to your website;

Check below a few of our videos, photos and campaigns we have done in the past. Let's have a chat about your business - no strings attached! Just a cuppa and a good chat. We're a friendly bunch of entrepreneurs.

Public Relation (PR) - Press Exposure

Mirela Sula, the Founder of Global Woman Club, was featured in The Guardian newspaper. Mirela's article about domestic violence against migrant woman was shard more than 500 times. Click here to read the article.

Email Campaigns

Automate your sales

Infusionsoft helps small businesses automate their sales and marketing without growing your staff. Infusionsoft is a fully integrated CRM (Contact Relationship Management System), Marketing and Commerce Solution. Infusionsoft links your contacts to the right sales funnel automatically giving the right information to the right clients at the right time. Unbox-it is a CERTIFIED PARTNER, which means we had hundreds of hours in traning and we also do our automated campaigns ourselves. Unbox-it creates the content that is needed to share on emails such as text (copywriting), videos, video animations and we have a gallery with over 100.000 images we ue to help sell your products and services. Book a call with us to learn more about Infusionsoft and sales automation for your business.

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